How to model a building with Revit Architecture Step by Step (Part 1)

Working with Revit Architecture is very interesting if you know the simple steps to go about it. Autodesk Revit has made architectural design so easy and stress free. With Revit you can complete your design under few hours, which normally will be difficult with other software.

How to model a building with Revit Architecture Step by Step Part 1. One of the best architectural modelling software is Revit Architecture. I have being using Revit Architecture for some years now. I discovered that the interface is very easy to use. In this tutorial I will be teaching you the following:
1. how to model your architectural projects from beginning to end step by step with no step skipped.
2. I will teach you how to change the Imperial layout to Metric layout, vice visa.
3. I also teach you how to set your levels properly.
4. You will also learn how to set your dimension, text and detail lines properly.
5. You will learn how to create and adjust materials in Revit
6. I will take you through on how to use Revit shortcuts for fast approach.


  1. Go to start and then all programs
  2. Look for Autodesk folder and double click on it to open it.
  3. Look for Revit architecture. If you see it double click to launch the program. These step above applies to those who are using Window 7

If you are using window 8 then follow the following steps:

  1. Go to start then look for Revit Architecture
  2. Double click to launch the program.

After Launching the Program following the following steps to set your drawing environment.

  1. Under project click new
  2. Go to browse
  3. At the upper pane select template
  4. Then select US Metric or US Imperial depending on the template you want to use. But for the purpose of this tutorial, We are going to use US Metric.

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