How to Make Money with Arctim Consult Affiliate Program

In Arctim Consult we give every one opportunity to make money. We seek to carry every one along no matter your educational, racial or proffesional background.

You can make a living by simply telling someone about Arctim Consult (Arctim Consult Affiliate Program) and you earn a commission for doing that, simple Right?

Now I am going to teach you how you can make a lot of money through our affiliate program. When you register for Arctim Consult Affiliate programe, you will be given a unique link. That link is where the whole stuff happens.

You will also be given a banner which contains your unique link. Share that banner on your facebook timeline, in a group page or any social media you are in, like Whatsapp, Instagram, twitter, Linkedin etc.

You can even send an e-mail with that link. When someone sees the banner and likes what we do. He will follow your link to our website and carry out transaction with us. Our tracking software tracks it to your link. Eventually you will be paid a 30% Commission of the total profit of the transaction.

Assuming you are able to promote our Revit Tutorial to 200 persons and 100 persons buy through your link. 40% of N20,000 is N8,000.  that is N8,000 x 100 which is N800,000 (Eight Hundred thousand Naira cool) You have simply earned for yourself a wooping sum of N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira). If four persons follow your link to carry out a transaction of One Million Naira each within a month, you have earned for yourself a sum of N200,000 (Two hundred Thousand Naira) within a month without any much stress. What are you still waiting for? apply now!

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