How To List Your Property for Sale or Lease

Are you a property agent? Do you want to sell your or lease out your house, property? Or are you a freelance architect, and you want to showcase your architectural 3D visualizations to millions of estate developers who visit Arctim consult website every day? Included in this post is a short clip which shows  you into detail, how to register and start advertising your properties for free. 

This is how it works:


  1. You need to visit
  2. Go to the profile menu on the top right on the page of the website.
  3. Click on My profile. 
  4. Then click on registration in the dialogue box that will come up.
  5. Enter your necessary details correctly.
  6. Read the terms and condition and check ” I agree with your terms and conditions”.
  7. Hit register.
  8. You will be automatically registered as a user


  1. You can only upload file when you are registered as an agent.
  2. Tap on “become an agent”.
  3. Wait for sometimes, maximum of 6 (six) hours during work days.
  4. A mail will be sent to your e-mail, if your application is approved by the admin.
  5. You can then go back to the site and login.
  6. You are now free to start listing your properties for free.


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How to List properties

Before you can list your properties for sale, rent and lease, you will have to go through these two main  processes as stated above:

  1. You will first register as a subscriber.
  2. You then register as an agent.

After you have successfully completed the above processes, you are then set to list your properties.

Now let us go into the listing proper. Go to your agent dashboard and login. Follow this link to access your dashboard.

In your dashboard you can now click on submit new property. That will now take you to the next stage where you will write all the necessary details about your property. The first thing you will do is to enter the title and description before you can move to the next stage. Note the system will not allow you to move to the next stage which is location until you have written the title and the description. You will now do the same for all other data.


Submit new property

listing new property,how to list new property

Input Property Data here

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