How To edit Revit model in 3DS Max 2017

Have you ever model your design and then after importing to 3ds Max, you start applying materials all a sudden you you discover that you mistakenly used the material  for the wall as the material for the floor, and you want to separate them. How do you separate them? Or you remember that you needed to create an opening on one side of the wall, how do you start opening the wall? Editing Revit material in 3DS Max is easy if you know how to go about it. When I started using 3DS Max 2017 initially, when I encountered such challenge I would delete the file and go back to the Revit file, modify it and Export it to FBX file then import it to 3ds Max. But that is a lot of time wastage, until I learnt the easiest way to go about it. Sit back relax while I take you through. You can modify and edit a standard primitive like box in 3Ds max by selecting it and right clicking on it and then select convert to editable poly from the drop down.

But this is not available when you import a Revit material to 3DS Max, as at the 2017 version of the software. There maybe some updates in the later versions. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to discuss base on 2017 version. But if you are using the older version like 2017, how do you modify a component you model in Revit after you have imported it to 3DS Max?.

In this post I am going to show the easy way out. Follow the following steps:



Before you launch your 3Ds max application have your Revit file exported to FBX file in a folder that you can easily located either in your desktop or in any folder in your hard disk.  

  1. Launch the application
  2. Go to the application menu and select import
  3. in the drop down select Link FBX
  4. Select the folder in which you saved the file from Revit.
  5. Select the file and click open
  6. In the manage link dialogue box select “Autodesk Revit -combine by Revit material” in the drop down. There are other options which you can select from like ” Combine by Revit- Category or Combine by Revit family whichever one you prefer. I prefer combine by revit materials. And this implies that all the materials with the same name become one block element lump together when imported to 3Ds Max. 
  7. Click attach file
  8. a popup shows which reads “daylight system creation” select yes
  9. Close the dialogue box

Now you can now fine tune your model in 3ds Max like any other standard primitive. 


  1. Go to command panel
  2. Select modify
  3. Click configure modifier set
  4. Select show buttons
  5. Select mesh editing
  6. Select the model you want to edit
  7. click edit poly
  8. You can now select vertex, edges, border, polygon and element and edit as you will.
to edit Revit model in 3ds max

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