How to Create Corner Window or Angle Window in Revit (2019 TUTORIAL)


There are sometimes you want to create a custom corner window or angle window in Revit. Although there is default Corner window in Revit family folder, but you may want to create your own customized corner window so that it will be to your taste and functionality. Follow along with me as I give you the basic steps to go about it.


Go to application menu

  1. New
  2. Family
  3. metric window.rft

Save it in a folder.

Edit the wall to be 225mm because we are using metric system of measurement. Open the 3D view or exterior view Bring your cursor very close towards the opening to select only the opening cut. Delete it, because we are going to use another technique to open the wall.

Go to the ref. level on the project browser. Draw more reference plane towards the interior of the window and give it a dimension from the middle reference plane, highlight the dimension go to none on the option bar, click on the spinner and then add parameter, on the add parameter dialogue box,

In the name box Type width2 click ok.

To create the opening cut: Go to create on the ribbon Tabs Void forms void extrusion pick a rectangle and lock it against the reference planes. Change the extrusion end to 1200 click apply and click finish. Click cut geometry Click on the wall and then on the void extrusion to cut open the wall. Go to the exterior view, Drag the nodes to the upper reference plane and to the lower reference plane and lock them respectively.

Go to create again and this time around we are going to create a rectangular prism.



  1. solid extrusion
  2. pick a rectangle
  3. lock them against the reference plane
  4. click finish edit mode.
  5. Go to the exterior view and lock them against the upper and lower reference planes respectively.
  6. Go to the 3d view,

Now we are going to create the mullions. Hide the wall.

Select TL for thin line.

  1. Go to create
  2. Sweep
  3. Pick 3d path. Make sure you pick one the vertical edges to give you a plane where you are going to draw your profile. Pick all the appropriate edges as demonstrated in the video below.
  4. Click finish edit mode
  5. click edit profile at the right side of the option bar .
  6. Go to reference level draw the profile and lock them
  7. Select scale 1:5.
  8. In the material dialogue box select black anodize aluminium click apply and then ok. Create the other intermediary mullions using extrusion.


Now we will create glass.

  1. Go to the ref. level
  2. create
  3. extrusion
  4. Draw a line following the window mullion
  5. offset it to 10mm and lock it.
  6. Go to the exterior view and lock it to the upper and lower reference planes respectively.
  7. On the material dialogue box select glass click ok.

Select the prism we have created before and go to the properties uncheck the visibility, so that it will not appear in our project.

Load it into project to test it. Go to the family properties and change  the family type. If you change the family type to different sizes and the window is still in position without breaking apart. Then you have done a good job. You can now change it to different sizes depending on your taste and functionality.

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