Bird Dog Bot

* How BirdDogBot Can Save You Time By Automating Your Real Estate Deal-Finding

* How Search Projects Simplify Your Deal Finding * How to Customize Search Projects

* How to Search & Analyze Properties using our lightning fast BirdDogBot Search Projects

* How to Find Deals by Monitor Classified Ads Using Alert Projects

BirdDogBot has two main ways it can find deals for you. It can find deals for you by using a search project or by using classified alert project.

A Search project

A search project is like this: You are asking a birddogbot to search a particular area for a particular type of properties with a set of rules.  Take for instance search for 4 bedroom duplex located in Florida which is sold for $4,000 for me. And when you hit search the birddogbot automatically brings those properties with those criteria you have set.  To get your search project first login and create a project if you have not created a project before. That is if you have a brand new account. A search project is broken down into 3 components. Viz: Search, Filter and Analysis.

On the search tab you will see Search name, Geographical area, Bedroom/Bathroom, Price range, search enabled on or off toggle button  and save Search button. 

Classified Alert Project.

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