Architectural Designs

Are you looking for an experienced architect to design your building? or do you want us to choose from over a hundred architectural designs, already designed, and built? which we  can select for you and you start your project right away? 

Check out our designs now, on advanced search menu. 

Send us the details of your site, including the following:

  • Survey plan,
  • Details of  what spaces you want in the building. Type of the building, eg Fully-detached duplex, Semi-detached duplex, Bungalow, Terrace or Block of flats etc.
  • Contact us, by calls, e-mail, whatsapp etc.
  • We will give you the cost of the design.
  • After payment details are received we will send you the download link immediately. 

And if you want a unique design, our architects are available to give you the best design, you have ever dreamt of, contact us now! We are good at the following:

  • Interior Design
  • 3D Animation/ architectural visualization
  • Well rendered and stunning exterior views 
  • Detailed working drawing
  • Professional drawings to be approved by a local building authority.
  • Structural drawings and analysis